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The ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"



• Gain new insights and expand possibilities
• Become more balanced in your life
• Achieve goals you’ve never thought possible, personally and professionally
• Optimize your inner trust, intuition and self-worth
• Achieve more with an accountability partner

Equine Facilitated Life & Wellness Coaching


I offer life and wellness coaching with a nature-based and equine facilitated approach.  These sessions are held on my beautiful  25 acre hobby farm in Beckwith, Ontario.  I believe that animals and nature are valued resources when it comes to self-discovery and that working in a natural setting allows you to unlock the mind-body connection and move forward towards your life and wellness goals.

Sessions can also be done virtually through Zoom.



How do I know if I need life coaching?

If you are feeling the need for change and/or are no longer content with the status quo, then a life coach can help you.

How and when do I meet with a life coach?

A private life coaching session can be experienced in-person or virtually through Zoom.  Sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes.  The frequency and scheduling of sessions are pre-determined after your discovery call.

What is a discovery call?

A discovery call is a free virtual assessment to determine if life coaching is a good fit for you and if we would like to work together. The call typically is 15-20 minutes in length.

What would a typical life coach session be like?

Every session is completely confidential and client-led.  My job as a coach is to hold space, to be curious, to ask thought-provoking questions and to listen attentively.  I am not here to give advice but to partner with my clients and help them move forward towards their personal life and wellness goals. You are the expert in your life, so it is important to me that you have full autonomy throughout the session.

I like the idea of working in nature and with the horses but what if I can't commit to in-person sessions every time?

I understand that life can be busy so I offer a variety of packages that suit your needs.  A hybrid of in-person and virtual sessions can be grouped together and arranged to allow for flexibility in your schedule.

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