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I own my own horse and ride regularly. In Gillian's workshop I had an opportunity to step away from the goal-oriented discipline I am accustomed to, and instead to observe and develop my connection with my horse. I feel that I developed a deeper sensitivity and empathy with him.- Diane, Ottawa ON


Gillian's camp was the perfect way for me to reconnect with my love of riding after over 30 years. Her focus on the relationship between the horse and rider made it clear to me that it wasn't just about riding, but the joy of my connection with horses. I am now committed to making horses a part of my life, once again.- Lynn, Austin TX


Gillian, thanks loads for such a great 'first' riding camp.  I so enjoy spending time with you and your style of choaching/instructing is fun, challenging and inspiring. - Susan, Ottawa, ON 

Gillian, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you ...


You have really helped me with my riding in its physical form but most important (to me anyway) has been overcoming some of my emotional hurdles with both horses and getting to the point where I feel calm and confident.  In many ways I never realized how tense and bracey I could be and how it was creating problems in them – speed in Indy (which I didn’t like because it felt out of control) and opposition in Lily (which I didn’t like because flying through the air is not fun especially when you land!)  I enjoy speed with Indy now because I can ask for it and feel confident in her response – go and whoa are much more equal. I feel very confident now with Lily especially at the canter because I proved to myself that we could do it and as we talked about, all the work we did with Indy translated into a better connection with Lily.  


I couldn’t have done it without you.  You are a really great coach and I really appreciate your time and patience in developing me, my horses and our relationships with each other. - Laura, Almonte, ON

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