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Rufus Meets the Herd

By the time I got home with the truck and trailer it was dark. I was happy to see that Rufus had trailered easily enough, although he was still shivering from the extreme cold we were experiencing. The horses could smell that something was up and Hudson was the first to meet Rufus and I at the gate.

If you know Hudson, you know that he is the calm caring type of horse that can be trusted in any situation. That is why I was very surprised that he, of all horses, was the one that did not welcome Rufus with open arms. Although I had placed a lot of hay within the paddock to act as a distraction when the donkey was introduced, it made no difference. Hudson snorted like a dragon and ran from this strange looking and smelling animal. Jack and Sonny were soon to come over to give their new herd mate a sniff. Sonny gave a short greeting and then decided that the hay was much more worth his time. Jack stayed close by keeping a watchful eye on Rufus. When Hudson would start to chase the poor little donkey Jack would do his best to stay between the two of them. This continued for quite some time and I was quite worried that I had made a mistake. Would Rufus be chased all night? It was so dark I could only hear what was going on. My paddock has a lot of bush and trees which made keeping track of the equines that much harder.

Things did finally quiet down and the horses settled to eat their dinner. Rufus found a spot away from the horses and I made sure he had plenty of hay.

That night I checked on Rufus every hour. The horses kept their distance. Rufus was happy enough with his hay and I made sure to offer him water at every visit.

The next morning I snapped some photos of Rufus sheltering himself in the trees and left for work. This was to be his first day of his new life.

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