Reflecting Back on 2017

Thank you to everyone who made 2017 such a successful year. Richard and I were able to accomplish a lot around the property and it is really starting to feel like a farm.

All three of my horses are now home and settled in. Hudson has become quite the school master and enjoys his semi-retirement. Jack keeps busy with a few lessons a week and Sonny and I continue to work on his education with the help from Rose.

We welcomed two new members into our family this year. Stewie, our family dog came to live with us in the Spring and Mr. Whiskers, our new kitten came just in time for Christmas. That brings our grand total to 3 cats, 1 dog, 3 horses, and 12 chickens!

This Spring the farm became official with a new Slieve Bloom Farm sign complete with a flower box that the kids enjoyed adding flowers too. Rich and I constructed a riding ring and three foot mounting block so that I can offer a few riding lesson on property. The pig pen and pig shelter is ready to go and is awaiting our first set of pigs in the Spring of 2018. The chicken coop was constructed this Fall and we welcomed 12 laying hens to the farm. Their eggs have become very popular often being sold before they are laid!

The barn construction is in full swing. The plumbing and foundation were completed in November, the walls put up in December, and Rich and I spent Christmas day wrapping the building with Tyrap. Once this cold snap leaves us, the windows and doors will be done next. Construction will start back up again in the Spring and hopefully will be completed in the Summer.

The kids continue to be busy with school, hockey, Beavers, and Cubs. They are really excited to be able to use our pond as a skating rink and hope to spend many wintery days playing outside in the snow. Rich is still working hard at his new job but does get some down time to play indoor soccer three times a week.

Let’s hope the next year will be just as productive as the last.

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