Interactive Horse Simulator Lessons Cont'd.

I have become an addict. Don't worry, my addiction is a healthy one (at least I hope so). I absolutely LOVE riding the Interactive Horse Simulator and am addicted to it. Every time I sit on the SIM I joke about having one in my living room so that I can ride it all day, every day. It is such a wonderful way to get into your body and work on yourself. I have been lucky to be able to have one lesson a month since May. I really do believe it is helping with my position. I have created this video so that I could compare my progression from my third and fourth lesson. I noticed that my pelvis is not as tilted and my back is straighter. As my hips were able to open up and let go of tension my legs are able to relax and lengthen. They are not quite as still as I'd like them to be while I ride in the medium trot, but I realize I can only work on one thing at a time.

I am taking another group of students up in a weeks time and am anxious to see what they think.

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