Happy Birthday Penny the Pony

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than watching the patience of 'Penny the Pony' with my two young sons Christopher and William. At the age of five and two, respectfully, my two boys love coming out to the farm to visit with their favourite pony, Penny. They enjoy grooming her, giving her treats, and riding her, but the best part of it is they enjoy just spending time with her. How authentic and beautiful is that? When given the choice today to either ride Penny or just play with her in the arena they chose the latter. In a society that traditionally sees the horse as a ‘beast of burden’ I am happy and proud to announce that my children see Penny for who she is: a lovely furry four legged creature with something to give. The JOY that she brings to our family is priceless and we hope she continues to do so for a very long time - happy 14th birthday Penny...

... and to all of those horses and ponies out there with the endurance to teach us two-legged creatures a thing or two about happiness, thank you!


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